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We offer a range of satellite terminals including battery-powered units, remote antenna and dual-fuel units which work with both satellite & cellular networks.

Working on the Inmarsat array of satellites we offer a range of subscription packages which are geared towards providing value for money with reporting rates to suit your needs.

There are a large number of terminals deployed worldwide ensuring secure tracking and remote communications far beyond the reach of cellular networks. These provide detailed management information for logistics companies with real-time tracking incorporated into a web portal designed to meet the customer requirements.

Using the ability to transmit both digital and analogue information we can format the data gathering to suit your specific needs with a choice of monitors and sensors to permit monitoring of location and much more.


The use of battery powered terminals means you can set a range of sensors on remote assets which lack a power source, giving you notification of unauthorised access, temperature & movement.

The short message service over the SemaphoreM2M system makes two-way acknowledged communications with remote workers possible for protection and efficient deployment.